still time

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

SoCS: still (17.10.15)

 the Yellow Wallpaper by Michael Manomivibul- illustration for IDW’s short story anthology In the Shadow of Poe.

 Illustration: the Yellow Wallpaper by Michael Manomivibul

Still time, she always thought

still time to . . .

as the madness settled in,

no stillness

no time

no mind


8 thoughts on “still time

  1. Madness is a country without borders, exit visas or immigration policies.
    It appears your explorations into madness through the literary portal revealed a great deal about the workings of the creative soul.

    “Madness,” she murmured,”can be so creative, and yet so destructive.” Madness gave Van Gogh a vision of the world unlike any before, and fuelled Hitler’s dreams of the “final solution,’ she continued. “I prefer to think of the literary memories and Van Gogh’s sunflowers.”


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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