like a slap

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Friday Music Challenge: Kettering by the Antlers.

The Slap


I say, “I stay ‘cuz still some love for you.”

You say, “I stay only to take care of you.”

I say, “Why stay. Can’t repay all the years

I took care of you.”

You say, “Why stay. I don’t care if you do.”

I say, “Have to stay. No where but you.”

You say, “Okay. Stay. Must take care of you

‘cuz it’s something you just can’t  do.”

I say, “Okay. But I still feel love for you.”

And, then you say:

“Okay, but I don’t care if you do.”

The lyrics of Kettering are a visceral punch in my gut. Poem  is uneven; first response to “the left jab outta now where feel” that leaves me staggering. Still have to hear the music.

2 thoughts on “like a slap

  1. I read the lyrics many times before and since I wrote my piece. We both captured a mood of strange loneliness. I read another sense to the words on much later consideration.
    “Strange how visions change like kaleidoscopes,” she mused.


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