watch the “Almighty”


My wordled words seemed stronger against the old man’s face. Not more sensical, just better offset.


When I had flare of auburn hair

haunted by loathsome birthmark

With tumultuous, acidic, acanthus-strokes

you drew my a dollar,

you drew me a dollhouse

you said “Watch the Almighty”

On unaccountable afternoons

I waited to see if you would

draw me – time elapsed

from haunted to haunting.


A combination of two Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompts: Wordle #84 and Photo Challenge 84


9 thoughts on “watch the “Almighty”

  1. Life is so much about accepting the person that we are…..sadly for none of us is perfection a quality we want to be nor possess so we make do with what we have and know that the ones who know and love us can see past those flaws….


  2. I get the impression with so much that you write that you explore the lengths and depths of depression and this one for me reinforces that notion as I look at the concluding words for if you joined the haunting we would be haunted by your demise…..


    • Haunted to haunting . . . In reading with your comment in mind, not as ambiguous as I intended. I tend to brooding and dark, I know.

      “The ‘child’ expressing that 19th c romantic notion of “haunting looks” which remained with the viewer, rather than be haunted by her loathsome birthmark,” she typed, hoping to add a bit of light to a dark piece.


  3. clothespeggedpat says:

    A darkened house: thank you for your response to the photo prompt.

    It is reflective and “deep’ – with an amazing use of the wordle as well.

    I think the images you have created and fashioned combine with great effect – the idea of “drawing” with “acanthus acidic strokes” – powerful and stunning!



    • I had set aside my initial response to MMLM’s wordle, and then viewed your image. So, credit must be given to Yves’ word choice and the image you choose. Both powerful prompts.
      She always believed that “when prompts so engage, outcomes are all the more better for.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • clothespeggedpat says:

        I’m glad it worked for you in different ways – I suppose “happy accidents” can allow for new possibilities – since the photo prompt “rescheduled” itself and arrived a day early …. but all’s well that ends well :)



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