skuddling tides*

 skuddling tides pulled in

like corset strings

waves ungainly children

mutilating nickeled clouds

drooping to kiss

their crackled cheeks

all submersible in

breath-held phase

of tidal turn

water’s knife-edge

nonchalant slash

corsets disgorge

blue-black melanin migration

frolicking plexus of currents

and kelp


skuddling: side-ways, skitterish motion

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Wordle 85; 2.11.15

© a darkened house 2015


9 thoughts on “skuddling tides*

  1. clothespeggedpat says:

    I agree with Yves – her comment – such vivid word play that is just so freely spontaneous – simply intriguing – yet intense – caught in a net – savoring each seasoned word and phrase. :)


  2. Yves, what I write comes from your word choices: so rich in texture; so full of potentially trails of imagery that often my poetic responses seem to write themselves.
    “Such a gorgeous palette of possibilities,” she sighs, studying the wordle words.


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