woe is me, but if I had one [vice], t’would then be nice


by Edward Robert Hughes


Miz Quickly asks to “poem [our] favourite vice.”

Woe is me, but if I had one, t’would then be nice.

Could parse my poetics without writing a line twice.

Say my vice t’was a susceptibility towards to drink,

verses could describe how low such a person might sink,

or skewed amusingly to please the reader I do think.

Or should I be the quintessential, consummate liar,

how would you know if the truth in couplets did expire

or if veracity with verisimilitude and verity did conspire.

Should any over-spending be sumptuous wrapped in stanzas

In golden ink on gilded page, I’d lavishly describe my extravaganzas

Letting the mere reader peek at such t’would be but truly their bonanzas

But, as I am perfect, with out vice, crime, error or sin,

not much reason this prompt to consider to begin

so, shall skip to comments; see what others confess within.


Composed without recall to any vice* for November Quickly, Miz Quickly prompt: November 9, 2015


* I shall at last, at least confess to one teeny addiction

& this t’is not a piece of pure, empathetic, poetic fiction

without my coffee, whilst be difficulties with mine diction

& dealing with others, well, t’would be all sparks and friction.


© a darkened house, November 2015


9 thoughts on “woe is me, but if I had one [vice], t’would then be nice

  1. Bright words coffee inspires
    fulfilling poetic desires
    Some say there is no muse
    but that lone candle which is there to light the fuse.


    Thanks for your visit :)
    Humor I can do, most of the time.
    I am not an avid housekeeper. Is that a vice?
    And well the dust bunnies are like wire hangers in a closet they just multiply.
    As for the comics for the longest time only our Sunday funnies were in color.
    About three or four months ago our daily strips became colorized.


  2. I’m like you — always loved the walrus. For comments on this blog, I finally had the opportunity to use it.
    “As for my verse on vice,” she opined, “I t’was transported back to Shakespeare’s time.”


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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