pestilence and pride

composed for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Photo Challenge 86 

(another piece of free form free verse, un-edited, un-adulterated, un-rehearsed;

I’m trapped in a rhyming schemata from Hell, and I can’t do aa/bb/cc at all well!

hopefully this annoying obsession will soon be past, and I can be my true free form self again at last

just think how labourious for the reader, should I also pay attention to rhythm and meter!) 

Pestilence & Pride

image by Valentina Kallias ~ “Apocalypse Horseman Pestilence”

my tattered rags can barely hide

pestilentic horror dwelling inside

feeding off my vanity and pride

sensual pleasures will eat you alive

erotic lust vampires do survive

long after host has been exorcised



© a darkened house, November 2015


14 thoughts on “pestilence and pride

  1. I started down the path to becoming an LCSW because of the desire to get to the root of my own addictive and self-destructive tendencies. Those erotic lust vampires are certainly nothing to sniff at. When we drive the stake through their heart, we need to insure that it stays put or they’ll be up to their old tricks again in no time.
    Addiction is a very tricky master. One has to remember that it will always get the upper hand if allowed even an inch of leeway.
    Your poem spoke of addiction to me, obviously! It was a powerful write.

    peppersfetch dot blogspot dot com


    • Her gaze held hypnotic sparks — addiction is a lover who heightens the pleasure until there is no pleasure without pain.
      Leaving the addiction behind means the pain will make the pleasure seem the only answer to any question, emotion or lust.
      Addiction is like the vampire — has the stake truly pierced the heart, or is it merely a trick.
      “You wrote a very insightful comment,” she smiled. “I appreciate the power you found in my words.”


  2. clothespeggedpat says:

    This “simple” small verse – this micro-poetry – has such an amazing and powerfully stirring meaning – as per my understanding and interpretations, of course.

    It is sensual and erotic – in a dark, fathomless, gothic way – yet it seems to cross the sands of time – harking back to the crusades – in feeling …

    thank you for sharing – intriguing – and LOL – yeah – all the rhyming – but it works very well here :)



    • One of those strange convergences. Seen several shows recently on the plague in Europe, and last night on medieval England and burial sites that suggest belief in vampires until circa 1200. I’ve been a very loose WIP in a fictionalized-fantasized medieval England with a healer as central character. Then I looked at your image and wow.
      “Her eye, full of power, sensuality, pride, despite the wrappings and sores,” she explained, “so filled me with emotion and longing.”

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