leap into nothingness

Miz Quickly asks: to poem a vivid moment between being Cleopatra and five years ago. I wasn’t Cleopatra in a former life, but once I was a child (I think).


photo-1414353220870-38cc1d0fbf76 patrick hendry

image: Patrick Hendry, Unsplash.com

gold coloured air

too thick with

straw-dust and

barn crud

each breath

a gasp, a wheeze

each step up the

loft-ladder a

stretch for short-legs

each leap into nothingness

weightless, floating

like dark piece of straw



laughing, gasping, squeaking, squealing

rolling out of pillow of hay

to wheeze way up

to the loft diving board

for one more flight

into summer-time

© a darkened house

10 thoughts on “leap into nothingness

  1. Heavenly. I just love this.
    Strange that I just finished reading Stephen King’s short story, The Last Run on the Ladder, which had a more tragic ending.
    “one more flight into summer-time” is simply breathtaking.


    • Pondering Miz Quickly’s prompt, and the barn jump “leaped” into my mind.
      Laughing, she said, “A very vivid memory. Felt the scratchy straw, and the need to sneeze from the hay dust. And that wonderful sense of free flight.”


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