a couplet of windows

A trifecta (my 2nd try – the first was a flop) of Miz Quickly’s November Quickly Prompts:

  November 18; 20; 21  (Passing on the Mother; Windows; Rhyming Couplets)

Warning: this contains minimal editing!

Didn’t bounce out all the couplets, so the beats within pairs may not match. Think most of the couplets somewhat stand alone and lead into the next.

It borders on epic in length, not strength.

Girl at the Window;  Nicholaes Maes

Consider the window, oh, I so truly do

Fresh perspective daily, as old becomes new.

Each day my window vision changes

At night, the moon light rearranges.

One constant, love in my heart remains

And my beau, his twilight vigil maintains.

He knows the colour of my gown a story tells

Red, of how my bosom with deep desire swells.

Brown taffeta, a sigh, sadness that needs I be alone

When, my mother, in her bitterness, keeps me at home

Blue, colour suits me best, shows that all are gone

But hurry, dearest love, I do not know for how long.

I stole a moment with my sweetest, then heard an ungodly shout

With horror we watched, as my mother the window did fall out.

We knew not the folly of our actions, I do solemnly swear

We rushed to her side in fear, not a moment did we spare.

I dressed in black, to mourn the passing on of mother.

Whispered to my beau dearest wait, pray take no other

For not unsimilar to oiling well the rusty garden gate

Unbolted windows cause the too curious to defenestrate.

I consider the window, every moment I really truly do

Tomorrow I marry my dearest, yes dreams come true.



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