Poetry Day 3: caveat lector

Poetry 101 Day 3: Sleep: “a world where our thoughts rule. . . Dive into the pool of night and let whatever it is you find there take poetic form.” 

Prompt by @rohitofficial (“a self-proclaimed man with a heart;” Straight From Heart is his blog)

The woman in Pat’s image for MLMM continues to haunt me, filling my dreams with her silent/silence/silenced voice. Or, perhaps I am hearing echoes of my own. “My name is Agnes,” she whispers, “Should you care to know.”*

caveat lector (reader beware): a poem of disquieting thoughts 


JAM – Olhares Sobre a Cidade by Teatro Escola de Pelotas CC BY 2.0

too long

hanging by

the thread of

no existence


into my unquietus mind

voided space echoes

nightly voices slanking

whispering . . .


to let my

feet a’dangle

just above the floor

is like a feather bed


they say

sleep forever is gentle

sleep forever is kind

sleep forever here is the silken rope

sleep forever is mine


* Enlarging the image of “Agnes” moves light into shadow and shadow into light. Agnes. Her death mask photograph mesmerizes me: beginning not end.


If you feel suicidal/have suicidal thoughts, call a crisis line or 911.

There are voices of hope. Voices of help.

This is an imagery poem. The prompt photograph, to me, suggests a different sort of sleep:



2 thoughts on “Poetry Day 3: caveat lector

  1. clothespeggedpat says:

    thanks for sharing another “side” to the image … haunting… and yes, even though I’m the one searching, selecting and then posting …. I have to say, there is something about this image that just “sticks in my craw” …. and I’ve yet to begin to contemplate it from a writing perspective.

    and I can honestly say I appreciate the openness of your willingness to explore and share these ideas …. it’s not easy to write about suicidal feelings or thoughts … especially to capture “an essence” of it ….

    they say
    sleep forever is gentle
    sleep forever is kind
    sleep forever here is the silken rope
    sleep forever is mine

    the idea of “sleep forever here is the silken rope” …. that really speaks to me …. it’s such a gracefully elegant line …. filled with the hoping despair of the dream of an easy, calm and peaceful end when everything is too overwhelming …. and yes, it does sound a bit nuts to compliment this achingly beautiful line …. but to be able to capture an emotional feeling of the desperation of wanting relief … well …. it takes skill and understanding…. so yes, thank you …. a darkened house for sharing …


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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