the fallacy of frolic & she should take a lover

Written for Days 6 & 7 of Poetry 101.

I’m posting Days 6 & 7 after Day 8’s “graffiti” is up. I’m not sure this is what I really wanted to say about fallacy and the beloved. Both excellent prompts made me think of things mildly erotic rather than plutonic. So, I let the sensual little imp in me out to play for a while.

Writing 101: Poetry, Day 6: Fallacy

 the fallacy of frolic

snowbound-1883.jpg!HD grimshaw I lay in your bed,

bare back on flannelled sheet

offering up self as

experiment to the science

of concupiscence

while you bite into Newton’s apple

talk of fuzzy wuzzy logic,

quantum leaping strings

and dust bunnies from

beyond the event horizon

your mind remains clothed

as I shall ever more in the world

of big bang theories that go bust



Writing 101: Poetry, Day 7 “The Beloved”

day-dreams.jpg!Blog grimshaw

she should take a lover


I told her she should take a lover

that she needed

sensual adventure

of discovering each others’ contours

pleasing, pleasure

I told her she should take a lover

that she needed

the little “whumpwhumpwhuff”

heart newly engaged makes when images

float in mindlessly

Exquisite anticipation, sparks burn

too hot for all but two to touch

The glow, that silly smile, the gasp, the moan, 

the intense release, the relaxation, the freedom

The tiny gifts, the correspondence, the daring meetings

The empassioned impassion – the beloved of beloved . . .


I told her she should take a lover.

That she needed to be freer

Perhaps I was just talking to myself.

@ a darkened house


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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