Music Friday #21: smash your reality hook

I’ve seen that look

you’ve never shook

when the world gets you down

all the lessons you took

from your little textbook

can’t keep you up off the ground

hide away in your nook

smash your reality hook

pretend you’ve gone out of town

my faith you mistook

my heart you overlook

my love will always surround


A riff on “Heaven Coming Down” by Tea Garden, presented for our Friday #21 musical enjoyment and inspiration.

Well, maybe just a sorta rhyming poem written soc on a Friday evening waiting for my sweet potato to finish baking and the wash to finish washing and my mind to finish minding.




4 thoughts on “Music Friday #21: smash your reality hook

    • The first 3 lines popped into my head, ooks and all. I can be a pit bull in rhyming hell, tenaciously holding onto a scheme as I haven’t the poetic sense to let go.
      “When I started, I hoped it would lead to an ending of possibilities,” she nods. “Time I wrote more about promise and hope, and less about loss and despair.”


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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