Her ethermetal amulet

Collage 13

collage by: Yves/Mindlovemisery; wordle words by: Yves/Mindlovemisery

Her ethermetal amulet, protective warmth beneath bodice, fortune rests against breastbone. Yet she sleeps unwell. Vague memories of strange creatures murmuring; armies chanting: “All is lost. All is surrendered. All is gone.”

She then dreams “nightshade:” the colour, the intensity, the deadliness. The deadness.

She knows the etiolate powers when it’s seductive scented clouds are captured in a jar. Narcissists are baited hooks dangling from it’s lure. At the zenith, blossom’s wide orifice invites all in; none out.

She wears her slightest of dresses; thin filmy layers that slink along her skin. Her painted face and scented areolas as obsequious offerings to his Greatness. Her amulet flashes in the candled light. Inside the tiny chamber beneath her owl’s head, a puff of the hearse.

Written for: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Collage 13 and Wordle 90.

3 thoughts on “Her ethermetal amulet

  1. this is an amazing combination – as you’ve mentioned to Yves – the wordle really compliments the collage – and wow – what provocation and intensity here – I’m reeling – in a very good way ;)

    At the zenith, blossom’s wide orifice invites all in; none out.

    What a stunning line! totally delicious and inviting – loved this piece!


    • The lusciously odd collage images gave rise to an unsatisfactory poem with opening lines about an amulet.
      Your wordle gave me the words I was looking for, needed to complete the collage story.
      “The two pieces seemed well suited to each other — jacket and pants,” she smiled.
      Oh, and thanks for the holiday gift of an HP Lovecraft quote.

      Liked by 1 person

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