wrapping winter’s moon

200px-lunar_libration_with_phase_oct_2007_450px 2[3]

wrapping full cold winter’s moon

in sheath of silvery solstice

ways ancient; traditions new

wrapped with holly & mistletoe

deep into the shadowed wood

firelight beckons

sparks stars ascending

smoke curling, spiraling

cosmic ribbon path to

longest night full moon

wrap breath in frost

rime of nature’s turning


Written for Poetry 101 Rehab (Andy Townend – proprietor): Monday December 21: wrapping

Thanks, Andy, for continuing with Poetry 101 Rehab; Sorry, no can do haiku.

And, to poetry addicts everywhere: all the best of this special season, and may 2016 be a poem.


@ a darkened house 2015

8 thoughts on “wrapping winter’s moon

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment.
      I have just finished reading several excellent pieces of poetry on your blog — I didn’t leave a comment, so I will say here how strong your words are.


      • Thank you very much. Your words are sweet just as you look. I hope you will come back. That shall give me s broad smile; and when you do come just let me know by leaving a comment so I can say ‘Thank you.’ Until we meet again, remain as sweet as I find you; and may your light shine ever brighter.


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