shadow odyssey

snow-and-mist.jpg!Large grimshaw

always felt a changeling

no round hole for square peg

learned to lie low; speak no names

at cost of being so forgotten

my fate to be lost in the annals

adrift in an ocean of tears, pain, soullessness

leaving no wake, no trail, no trace, no tao

no one to drop one wet tear on pyre

no one to light the torch

no one to remember

who I was and wasn’t

who I wished I was


Written for Poetry 101 Rehab: Odyssey (December 28, 2015)


8 thoughts on “shadow odyssey

  1. there are some of us who are, indeed, out sync – time, space and place – we are too restless, bored – the world in in its infinite wretchedness seems bleak, hostile and anything less than welcoming or loving …. and so we seem to struggle more – more than many others – and perhaps, it is because we are “old souls” – having been around the block far too many times ….

    but we are not … soulless …. soul filled to overflowing…. and this makes it feel all the more difficult …


    • Yes, truly there are old souls whose space and time is never set, but constant, fluid, shifting.
      I feel soulless at times, unclear as to purpose or design. What is it this time? Why again?
      To be overflowing is to be as painful in the knowing as empty. Each version feels life too deeply, cut to the bone by circumstance and fortune, to easily pass through the day.
      “You have left an incredibly comment,” she writes, “with so much emotion and understanding. Thank you. I hope your soul finds peace.”

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  2. My sister Christine and I were convinced, avid SF readers that we were in gradeschool with a loose grasp of possibilities, were convinced that we’d been abandoned on Earth by aliens, who would be returning when we reached an age suitable for space travel. I’m not sure if we abandoned that possibility, either of us, or just gave up with the passing years, feeling somehow forgotten.


    • I can very much relate to that feeling — of a stranger in a strange land. I like the idea of aliens who would return.
      I’ve often thought I’m from another century — somehow pushed forward into the 20th, then 21st. Or a parallel universe not in total sync.
      “Thank you,” she said, “for sharing your sense of otherworldliness. I do wonder if we ever get to go home.”

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