pixie-soaked & my new year


File:Ängsälvor - Nils Blommér 1850.jpg

Nils Bloomer (1850)






I sway to the beat

of the waning year

raise a glass of starlight

at midnight moon’s tolling

here’s to the past may it stay so

here’s to the future may it be so


* * * *

my new year


gossamer gown woven on elven loom

slips loose off my shoulder bare boned

as I weave into the waltzing celebrants

firefly lights on trellis

sweet magnolia entwined

warmth of spirit; of bodies

belies the snowy shadowlands

the cold night air surrounding

the steam from reindeer muzzles

as they stomp feet, shake antlered heads

to ring bells with sound frozen in place

midnight is but a fantasy

a sensual dream of tomorrow

coloured with kaleidoscope-eyes

our plans and hopes but stones

on the beach of the isle

a new year no more starts

with a clock stroke

than with a calendar flip

my new year may begin with

bare-boned shoulder dance

or beach-walk

or reindeer ride

or morning mirror


Influenced by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge 93


13 thoughts on “pixie-soaked & my new year

  1. clothespeggedpat says:


    another wonderful response to the challenge – and so it is I am very delighted to have another reading – equally lovely :)

    Cheers ~ Pat


  2. well as soon as I say the title of this post in my inbox … I thought “hmm” a new post influenced by my “alter” posting at MLMM?! Indeed! Yes!

    This is a gorgeous piece – love it – the playfulness the fullness the richness ripe and delicious :)

    I could start to signal out lines and lines and lines … but I’d be here all night – and I’d eventually run out of words – but I have to say, what intrigues, amazes and makes me think “damn, I wish I was this imaginative creative” is the way you put words together … the lines as they come to be …. in my mind, you are a very gifted poet and writer – a darkened house – or is that ADH – or well, I’m not sure how it is you wish to be “called” here?

    Oh, by the way – I also noticed you sent an email asking for entry into the vault of mj696 – LOL – I’d gladly let you visit – but there’s nothing in there … I’m not using the space but can’t delete it … so hence, it’s marked “private” closed for business … just so you know … I’m not being rude ….


    • Gremlins ate the original reply!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Sometimes lines come to me in a sorta creative flash, no thinking involved.
      Other times, it’s a drecky slog; things don’t get posted.
      “Oh,” she added, ” call me adh, or ADH, or a darkened house. I’ll answer to all three,” she winked.

      Liked by 1 person

      • righteo!

        yes … I can relate – not so much to the “creative flash” – when my “flasher” arrives I usually “slam the door”- I am far too serious in my shenanigans ;)


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