Cat Pose


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Written for SoCS, January 2, 2016: pause/paws and Just Jot It (Jan. 2nd) pausepaws-socs

Pale winter sunlight pours through the window like lazy clover-flower honey.

Roll shoulders back, loosen, chin parallel to the floor. Breath in through my nose – long count 10. Hold 10. Noisily let air out through mouth – hah, hah, hah. Pause. Repeat.

Downward Dog. Pause. Angry Cat. Pause. Breath. Shake body loose. Camel. Pause. Extended Puppy pose. Pause.

Remain fluid. Remember to breath. Remember to listen to body, to Latrishia’s voice in my mind gently guiding from pose to pose.

Lion pose. Cat tuck pose. Child pose. Feel core. Feel center. Feel grounded. Namaste.

I hop up onto the wide window ledge, and flex. My cushion is sun-warm. I circle three times, kneading the well-worn corduroy with my paws.

I settle in to clean and lick my paws and contemplate life. Then pause for a nap, of course.

cat arching

Image: Charmed Yoga: 10 animal yoga poses by animals


image: ojas for life


19 thoughts on “Cat Pose

    • Thanks.
      It’s been years since I’ve had a cat — allergies. But I used to have pretty good cat sense with mine over the years.
      “My cats were all very unique,” she adds, “actually, they were all weird like me.” ;-)

      Liked by 1 person

      • CPP says:

        roflmbo …. I completely understand – this coming from the “crazy cat lady” who at the height of a huge physical infirmity [work accident related] had 11 or 13 cats – honestly, I can’t remember now – and one dog ;)


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