Wanted: Forever Home


Annie and the kids did their research.

Annie, ever practical, thought a lab mix best. Friendly, protective, gentle. Three excellent qualities.

Jennie, on the other hand, as a tween, wanted cute and cuddly. A snickdoodle, teacupup, a fluff-bunnie of a dog to peek out of her bag or knapsack.

Jack, being all boy, had something more masculine in mind. German Shepard. Pit-bull mix.

Annie would call the lab Bountiful, Jennie’s teacup, Mimsky and Jack’s guard dog, Danger.

With hearts set, they piled into Annie’s old Subaru, and headed to the shelter. The usual brother-sister dispute erupted. Annie informed them she would choose the dog. Neither Jennie or Jack were happy with that decision. The short drive to the shelter took forever.

They could hear the barks and meows from the parking lot. Lots of animals who needed forever homes and love. Annie, Jennie and Jack each were sure they could win the others over.

One look at Bettinna, and there was no question as to who was coming home with them. A rescued dachshund from a puppy mill. A wiener dog missing back legs. But just what all three knew they needed in their lives. And just what Bettinna needed to.

A late entry for Linda G. Hill, Just Jot It January: January 4, dachshund (suggested by Bee  Just Fooling Around With Bee) I created a slide show of different dogs with my new photo editing program, but then couldn’t figure out how to use it with out saving it to YouTube. Learning curve!

This is a rescue video so two warnings: not a pleasant beginning for Jordan and request for funds at the end.


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