the name game


First class at Blogging U.: homework on who I am. Second class at Blogging U.: “edit your title and tagline.”

My title is a darkened house. A house without life; a house without a soul.

My tag line is: mind {is} the gap – referring to my gravatar profile: “{my} mind {is} the gap between a darkened house and a lightened room.”

Chronic pain and depression colours my world flat matte grey. My inner angry, cutting, smirking voices are my rain drops. A life-time of echoes and ping-backs. The darkened house, shutters closed tight. Windows painted drizmal and shut. Keys without locks. Doors without knobs.

Maybe tucked away in the attic, or hidden in the basement is the playful creature I once was. Swirling skirts in stained glass shadows. Wildflowers and dragonflies landing on ball cap. Laughing at silliness and warped humour. Wearing 10 bracelets on each arm. Giving out tiny glass vials of pixie dust. Writing, if not always publishing sortaerotica. Her room might be lightened by the glow of a computer screen, or a beam of dust-mote dancing sunlight.

But there is a long spiraling staircase between the two. Always has been. Never able to meet on the middle landing; sit, talk, and stay even for very long.

My life feels stale – like ginger-ale left out over night, or crackers unwrapped on a humid afternoon. Writing – lacking any sparkle and serendipity. Makes me feel like changing site title and tag line:

A non rice crispies moment: no snap, crackle, pop. Or the missing rice crispies effect: no snap, crackle pop. Or stale cereal: no snap, crackle, pop.

What do you think of my cereal analogy re how I feel about life, writing, blogging? Or should I try for something witty and lighter in tone? ‘Fraid my wit is in the basement, so I’ll have to leave that up to you.




One thought on “the name game

the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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