sacrifice & motivation

waterhouse the magic cirle 1886

I sacrifice my motivation. Sacrifice is my motivation.

 To give of myself until fingernails are ragged, jagged, dirty. To give of myself although I receive nothing but spite and spittle in return.

Motivation is the wherefores and the whys. The quests and queries. Love. Lust. Life.

 Linda asked: “What motivates you to write what you write? To share what you share? Has it changed since you started?” I’m struggling with for who & why. The wherefore & the why. Continuous and continuing questions, quests, queries.

“To be honest, she no longer was sure why. She’d answered the question before – when she seemed to have direction and purpose; when creativity was sparking; when stories wrote themselves and characters developed on their own.

But now? Feeling the stalest in all matters of her life ever, she struggled with the answer like she struggled with every post. There was no reason other than habit. . . . ‘My life feels stale – like ginger-ale left out overnight, or crackers unwrapped on a humid afternoon. Title/tag line of my blog should be stale cereal: no snap, crackle, pop.’ . . . Maybe, going through the motions, the reasons for being, for blogging would return . . .”*

*combined from 2 Blogging U. 101 assignments, posted on January 5 & January 6 2016.

sacrifice & motivation pondered for Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G. Hill @ Life in Progress (sacrifice suggested by Me – Who Am I?; motivation suggested by Aaron Elmore at the blog bearing his own name)

image: John William Waterhouse; the magic circle, 1886





8 thoughts on “sacrifice & motivation

    • I suspect I would. There are blogs and bloggers I would be drawn to, and blogging has become almost an addiction.
      “My wonders about blogging reflect the wonderings about my life, it’s purpose, and direction. These kinds of inner queries always spill over on into the cyberverse,” she said with a sigh.


        • Very true, Linda. Writing can provide an outlet to work things through. Sometimes I just get so tired, I can’t keep up with life.
          “Too exhausted, at times, to put words on paper,” she confessed. “And other things want my energy too like the mundane sweeping of the floor, let alone the sweeping of my mind.”

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    • It’s hard to do so, but I did/do continue to give. Sometimes out of duty, sometimes out of love. To me, that’s what sacrifice is. Putting someone ahead of me.
      “You are strong; to continue to give can be soul-sapping or joyous. The framework is ever changing,” she added.


      • Exactly. We have reasons for continuing. Sometimes I feel that no matter what the outcome may be, it is up to each of us individually to add kindness and selflessness to the world and those in it. One kind deed at a time…and who knows, maybe one day our actions and perseverance will change the hearts of the very people who, right now, only show ungratefulness.


        • I try to remember and practice what you suggest. My most difficult was as a caregiver to someone who didn’t want me as a caregiver. But I kept at it, as it was my duty and responsibility. It wore me down, and cost me a great deal of myself. But that’s what sacrifice is and motivation — giving completely and without expectation. Whether to a stranger in need or someone you know all too well.

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