What?! Was it here? The new concrete steps she once ran up and down were cracked and covered in debris.

The top steps being reclaimed, just as shrubs had turned into trees.

She closed her eyes to evoke 25-year old memories of her daily route. How her world churned concrete grey and sky blue as she tumbled.

The laughing voices above. Red streaks of pain like lightning bolts. Then blackness.

“I wonder if the blood is still there.”  She turned away. Had she been able to raise herself up from her wheelchair to check, she would. (96 words)


Having done and “torn up” two SoCS writes, I turned to the image for Friday Fictioners (Friday, January 15) for inspiration. What I wrote is less than 100 words. What I wrote starts with what and ends with would : Bonus points please and thank you. And, I kindly submit this as a Just Jot It for January entry. A twofer.

Linda asked: “do you like the completely open-ended prompts like “what”? or do you prefer when it’s a more concrete one? Personally I enjoy the balance between the two.” For me, mood, muse, and [state of] mind would influence which.

12 thoughts on “what

    • Thanks, Lori. I saw the steps as dangerous from first glance and several tries at making them evoke what I felt. When I “read” the image again, with Linda’s what SoC in mind, there seemed to be a way to do both.
      “The steps held memories for me — the “true” ones reserved, but the essence presented,” she said quizzically.

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