the dangers of elegance

She practiced walking in high heels. She sprained her ankle.

She practiced putting on makeup. She stabbed her eye with a mascara brush.

She practiced styling her hair. She burnt her hand on a curling iron.

She practiced shopping by looking at fashion magazines. She got a paper cut.

She practiced elegance by reading blogs. She developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

She practiced being herself. No one got hurt.*

A bit of flash written for Just Jot It January, hosted by Linda G. Hill @ life in progress. January 18, 2016, elegance suggested by Kelli @ Forty, c’est Fantastique!.

*I speak from experience. Several of these attempts at elegance, ending in disaster, have happened to me.

15 thoughts on “the dangers of elegance

    • Ouch! That would be hard to explain!!!!!
      I should find the photo of me in a long blue dress and my hair curled under which was a feat of brute strength.
      “One side of my head has hair growing one way, the other side, the other way,” she laughed looking at her current mangy mess.


        • I just watched Gone with the Wind, and am thinking of the scene where Scarlett decides to have no more children as her corsets can no longer get her waist back to 18.5 inches! Ouch for that too.
          And the poor whales for all those corsets — which goes with my response for yesterday — a bit late.


    • Thank you.
      I looked for a picture that would symbolize elegance — I’m glad you liked it.
      “You are so right,” she added. “The lesson of “be yourself” is so important. For some it is a long road.


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