wind-blown & rootless

DOOR Template Instructions


I have combined two prompts. Andy’s Poetry 101 Rehab: roots & The Secret Keeper’s five words for writing prompt 20: wind; speak; free; start; fight. The quote at the end I’ve included in my writing before.

I have no roots

nothing that binds

               me in place and time

I am dandelion fluff

               milkweed parachute

(float free)

random roamings


(fight storm-fronts; start maelstrom maneuvers)


through//across map-less wilderness

               (speak of roots; speak of home)

“You have a strange concept

of home

for you, home is where-ever you are not”



abandoned farm house, New Ross Road


9 thoughts on “wind-blown & rootless

  1. I wanted to add that Free Verse is more than welcome as any poetic style and also Flash fiction or short fiction is welcome, too. The 5 word challenge is to open things up to create what you are feeling or thinking and to use the 5 words chosen each week for the challenge. – jk :) ‘the secret keeper’


  2. A wanderer, wild as the weeds that caress the land when blown around planting seeds wherever they drop. No home holds some things in any given place. Your poem describes an unusual form of freedom. No attachment. It would not be my choice now but I lived wild, so I have a sense of understanding. I love the way the words flowed from your mind onto the page. A memorable poem. The yellow abandoned house was a nice touch in closing. – jk


  3. incredibly wonderful and very powerful response in great combinations of the 2 prompts. I could signal out line after line – but I’d be re-pasting the entire piece!

    totally evocative …. and the sense of wandering, feeling directionless … brilliantly captured …. even for all it’s pain.

    “milkweed parachute”

    adore this idea and imagery!


    • “I am embarrassed,” she said. “How could I have missed replying to your comment!”
      Thanks so much for the encouraging comments (here and elsewhere)!
      I always thought of flying fluffies as parachutes, the seeds as tiny parachutists. I once wanted to jump out of a plane (with a parachute, of course, lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL … don’t be worrying about “missing” comments or anything …. lately (must have been Mercury retrograde etc.) there have been glitches galore on WP – posts not showing up in readers or even emails etc. So hey, it happens – and it’s not a problem.

        As for the comments … you’re welcome :)


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