waterhouse vanity 1910


I must be careful that certain words do not bleed into others. That compelled does not become obsessed. That obsessed does not become fixated. That fixated does not become crazed.

See, I was compelled to confess to obsessions; crazed fixations. Now you know my mental state; my bellwether/malweather mood.

Written, purely SoC, for Just Jot It January, hosted by Linda G. Hill @ life in progress . January 24: compelled, suggested by Willow @ Willowdot21.


4 thoughts on “compellation

  1. I think there must be some link between fixations and addictions and the people who are prone to them. I tend to get fixated on games until I have trouble stopping. I’ve avoided the ones like World of Warcraft for this reason.
    Seems we have something else in common…


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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