Nature will provide

Nature never stopped amazing and nurturing her. Every day, as she wandered, nature gave her gifts of sight, smell, taste, touch.

Lilacs perfuming the air, hiding the dirty humaned smells.

Berry bushes bending down to her. Stained fingers, chin, dress. What was one more stain in comparison to the taste of the berries?

Sunflowers waving hello on hot summer afternoons. Always pushing higher, and higher, to reach the sun.

That’s what she wanted. To touch the sun, lick the sky, smell the cosmos, see heaven.

Nature will provide. Mushrooms. “Next rain,” she thought. “Next rain.”

word count: 96

A totally, completely, entirely free write stream of consciousness piece of flash. Second encounter with sunflowers tonight/this morning. One more and there must be a message.  Channeled for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers, Week 50, week of January 26, 2016. Image provided by Sonya @ Only 100 words.



21 thoughts on “Nature will provide

the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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