playin’ the game

“How can ya tell when a liar is tellin’ the truth?” Fair first question, I figured since my turn to set the game rollin’.

“Now, my friend, you are being down right mendaciloquent.”  Sarcastic note in his ugly laughter.

“You ain’t catchin’ me with any of them fancy words. And, last I looked, I ain’t your friend, neither.”

Hot wind blew hotter. Sand stirred up and swarmed past my ankles. Mighty dry work, this. I wiped salt crust off my lips.

He had the advantage of his back to the sun. He always got the coin toss right. I pulled the brim of my ball cap lower.

“No answer, then it’s my turn ‘gin. How do ya know when a politician is tellin’ the truth?”

“Damn, you have me there.” And with a puff of smoke and whiff of brimstone, he was gone.

Til next week’s game.


For Just Jot It January, hosted by Linda G. Hill @ life in progress. January 27: mendaciloquent suggested by Coralee at Musefully Mendaciloquent.


And for fun: Mick & the gang: Sympathy for the Devil



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