Route 66 Garage

I watched the crime scene tape go up. Not surprising. Route 66 Garage had history of that sort of thing.

Started going bad shortly after Jack Torrance opened the place back in 1916.  A customer, tired of honking his Model A’s horn, went looking for Jack. Found him half eaten by a rogue King pickup truck.

Jack’s son, Nicholson, took over. He was mauled by a Stutz Bearcat 350.  Grandson, Stephen, well, a Mustang dragged him clear ‘cross town.

Warned my boyfriend, Arnie, not to take a job there.

“Christine.” Oh, they’re calling me to identify the body. (word count: 98)


I took a rather macabre view of this week’s prompt picture. Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week of February 2, 2016. Image:


21 thoughts on “Route 66 Garage

    • Glad you liked my spooky story. I was thinking in Stephen King terms, thinking the garage was built on a native or early settler burial ground. Or some alien force that makes cars carnivorous. Might play with the idea.
      “And I agree, grandson should have known better. But that’s horror stories — don’t open the door means the character opens the door. ;)

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  1. Wow! I think that Route 66 Garage should have been shut down after the King pickup truck! That is one creepy – horrific garage! Too bad Arnie didn’t listen to Christine. ::yikes:: Wonderful spooky story!


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