the ugly duckling among swans

Collage 16

You clumsy . . .

The hairbrush clipped my ear, hit the wall, then clacketered to the floor, dissolving into pieces of metal, china, bristle, stardust.

My fault, of course. The swan’s ugly duckling daughter. No redeeming qualities. No subtle grace and classic beauty.

My mother’s oh, so elegant friends gather for coffee and tiny cakes. My mother talks about the daughter she should have had.

My mother waits for my father, sipping wine and dreaming of the daughter they will now have. Her clock is ticking, she will say.

I put on my best dress, prettiest jewelry. I neatly place the empty glass next to my journals. I lie down and wait.

My elegantly-written note: “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt 144, Collage 16.

Three prompts produced the same initial reaction: ugly duckling: Sunday Photo Fiction; Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Collage 16;  Just Jot It January. January 31: clumsy 

13 thoughts on “the ugly duckling among swans

  1. courtjester88 says:

    My elegantly-written note: “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

    adh – wow – now that is one absolutely stunning ending/closing line. Mind-blowing – and speaks volumes is the context of this piece! Stunning.

    CJ88 … aka Pat :)


    • I’m a Vonnegut fan, and was struck by that quote of his Yves included. Seemed the perfect ending to her story.
      Wish I’d thought of it myself. “Damn, that Vonnegut is good,” she exclaimed. “Time for a Kurt reading binge.”

      Liked by 1 person

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