bridge @ the river gorge

Three Line Tales hosted by Sonya, week two

photo by Michael Hull

From childhood, the thrilling, the dangerous, the exhilarating had attracted her; walking barefoot on hot coals; eating puffer fish sushi; swimming with sharks.

As a photo-journalist, she kicked around the world from war and disaster zones to natural areas yet untouched or ravished – all dangerous assignments she relished.

But she had come home to face her one fear by walking alone across River Gorge Bridge on the 25th anniversary of her twin sister’s fall onto the rocks below.

(flash fiction: 80)

three line tales #2: February 11, 2015  (Sony @ Only 100 Words)


14 thoughts on “bridge @ the river gorge

  1. I did the same! Three sentences that were pretty long with lots of commas and dashes! One of my favourites from this week – a great interpretation and beautifully and sharply written :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Now, I would say that you are the one that conveyed a lot in 3 lines. That’s quite a story told in three sentences – and well crafted.


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