“Caveat Emperor”

Caveat lector. [Reader beware]. As you will see, I got kinda sorta crazy whilst creating my response.

The Emperor


caveat emptor

rex dolor


tyrannicum imperium

venenatorum*[English below]


Just to confuse things for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt 146: The Emperor.

I focused on Yves’ suggestion of abuse of power.

It’s amazing what you think you can do at 3 am.

I wrote my response in the shadorma poetic form of 3/5/3/3/7/5 non-rhyming lines forming one stanza, using Latin translations to get the correct beat per line. Used Google Translator.


buyer beware

king of pain


tyrannical emperor


I think it sounds better in Latin.

Image by: Luis Royo


13 thoughts on ““Caveat Emperor”

  1. ‘Yes,’ the small boy said to his Latin teacher ‘it does sound so much more impressive in the mother language.’
    She smiled and patted him on the head,”you are learning my dear, how pleasing.’


  2. CPP says:

    this is really cool – I like it in Latin as well – it seems to empower it more – and uh, yeah, sure “blame the weird on 3 a.m.” – but …. I’m not “buying” it ;)

    I like your “weird” any old time :)


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