saying grace


A dark story; theme jumped onto the screen.


The building still stood.

Grace Chapel – the home of my bedevilment. I always thought it’s inherent evil would eat away the façade as it had eaten away my core.

Now there are therapists, groups, awareness, if not understanding.

Back then – you turned to the church when you were troubled. Something you couldn’t do if it was the source of your hurt and shame.

So I ran as hard, fast and far as I could. Never looking back. My way of coping. Shutting down by shutting doors.

Yet, in a moment, I would cross the street, and push open the door.

The current pastor did her research and then reached out to those she felt had been abused, molested, bullied by members of the church, including clergy, over the past 50 years. The vocal ones, and the silent ones like me.

“I’m holding a service of healing,” she wrote in an email, “and I think it would be good if you could attend.” {164}


Sunday Photo Fiction, February 21, 2016

24 thoughts on “saying grace

  1. I like this. Some Churches have the tendency to hide away their sin, like their leaders are any less sinners (often greater) then the people who seek the Church for help. And I liked the positive spin, that the current Pastor was having a healing service for all those abused and molested in the past. Admitting the sins of the past and trying to find forgiveness and peace for all.


    • “I agree. A few churches are trying to heal the sins of the past. Many are being forced to.
      I’d like to think of there are pastors like in my story who want to recognize the sins of the past, and heal towards the future,” she said. “I like your idea of forgiveness and peace for all.”

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    • “Thank you,” she said. “And yes, in my case, it’s fiction. I was not abused by the clergy or members of a congregation. I’m lucky; I wasn’t involved in any church or religion. So many others weren’t as lucky.”


  2. A pastor who accepts the wrongdoings of her predecessor and looks for those affected. I think there may be a few like that in the world today, and those are the heroes, the ones who really will make a difference, and stay in the shadows of anonymity as far as the Vatican and heads of other churches go.

    excellent story.

    I have added your story to the link up so it can be read by others as well.


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