Charley and Mary

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Image: fisher price

Nothing is ever as easy as it looks.

Charley sure knew that looking over at Mary rocking, her arms wrapped around herself.

Without good health insurance, the task of bringing Mary back fell to him.

They just couldn’t afford the kinds of therapy the head injury team proposed.

So Charley swallowed his pride, and let a social media savvy friend get involved.

Go Fund Me, a face book page, twitter and instragram account, blog, website.

All to help Charley help Mary. But more than money and interest arrived.

Books and toys that would be familiar to the Mary that dwelt inside; a schedule of volunteers to sit or work with Mary.

Several therapists willing to donate their time.

Mary’s story was going viral. Charley even had media interviews.

Meanwhile, Mary rocked, her mind off someplace Charley couldn’t fathom. But she smiled as she rocked now. And that was good.  {word count 141}


Roger’s Flash Fiction for the PURPOSEFUL PRACTITIONER, week #9


A friend with a head injury had to learn to do just about everything again. He has recovered to a large extent. Most of “him” is back, but the injury did change him, and he remains with cognitive and motor skill deficits. The efforts of his wife, friends, therapists, brain injury groups, and the adoption of their daughter, helped bring him back from where he had gone. This flash fiction is in honour of him and his family.



26 thoughts on “Charley and Mary

  1. I agree with Sonya, this is a wonderful way to honor your friend. Brain injury is so devastating and it is a miracle to watch people afflicted with it come back from their injuries. Your story is very heartwarming!


    • “Yes, recovery from a trauma brain injury really requires a team of professional and non-professionals,” she commented. “My friend was lucky to have such a team. And, I feel honoured to have done a small bit to help.”


    • “Thank you, kind sir,” she said.
      “The images brought my friend to mind, for some reason, and what he and others went through to “get” him back. It’s truly a miracle story with a happy ending,” she added. “One I can cry about too!”

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    • “Thank you,” she said. “Watching my friend learn to read, write, do simple tasks, then more and more complex ones,” she remarked, “Made me think of miracles, even tho he and others worked hard.” “I wished the same for Charley and Mary.”

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