her sadness suitcase

Jan Dokter; woman in fetal position; 2008 ?

She’d laid on the floor, in fetal position, for hours now. Her muscles kinesthetic from the frequent sobs that ripped through her body and mind.

Always famished – those longed for luxuries of love, being desired, having friends. Settling for the stale scraps of these jettisoned by others. 

Once, temerity allowed her to open her sadness suitcase, to see what else it could hold.

At that junction, she then knew, her strangeness, her underservedness would keep that suitcase full of tears.

Full until the hinges broke, and lying open, spilled out all the pain. In the fetal position, forever more.

Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Wordle # 99


18 thoughts on “her sadness suitcase

  1. CPP says:

    Very powerfully written piece – and as Michael said – the simplicity of the phrases – well they are so evocative – and tell/show the story and the emotions in perfect capture.

    And because, perhaps, if permitted, cyber hugs to you …. as it is never easy to sit with our demons …. and not be overwhelmed …. but every little bit of light helps brighten the darkness.



    • “Thank you, ” she replied. “Cyber hugs are always permitted, in fact, welcomed,” she confirmed. She sighed, “Sitting with demons is never pretty — they are a strong, united force to be reckoned with.” “But, thank you for the thought of light inside the darkness.”

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      • CPP says:

        well all we can do is work with what we’ve got …. even when it certainly feels like our darkest hours …. and so we continue forth … some days better than others …. and that in itself is a relief and release of sorts …. well, that’s the way I try to feel about it …. not always too successfully … but sometimes it just is what it is ….

        and so …. since welcomed ….

        be well my friend :)


        • “I always have my demons to fight — some days my sword arm is tired,” she said. “These days, the armour is rather tarnished and dented. Just makes it harder, especially when the ground is shifting all the time.” “Oh, and thanks for caring and the hugs,” she said appreciatively. “I don’t say that enough.”

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