Breakfast with Sukie

Copyright-Sean Fallon

PHOTO PROMPT © Sean Fallon

Another intriguing and mind-expanding prompt from Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks Rochelle for hosting this flash fiction fest!

“Mom. Mmoomm!”

I looked up from my book – Sukie sounded more petulant than usual.

“I’m hungry. Really. Truly. Make me breakfast!”

“Sukie – you’re old enough to make your own breakfast. We worked on that task all last week.”

Sukie tried a pout, but her face just wasn’t designed for that expression.

“Okay.” she acquiesced. “Please pass the jar of batteries.”

“Much better,” I said, patting the top of her whirring head. “You get your favourite bowl, and I’ll finish my coffee with you.”

Her treads hummed as she motored to the cupboard. Yes, Sukie Model 695 just might work out.

18 thoughts on “Breakfast with Sukie

    • “Good question!” she said. “What role is she going to play? child, helper, companion, pet? I think of her as a child on a learning curve,” she continued. “She may make more appearances — prompts will tell, I guess.”

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