This & that & maybe . . .

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Linda G. Hill says: “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “this and that.”  Talk about this, talk about that, talk about this and that, but here’s the catch: make either “this” or “that” the first word of your post. Bonus points if you can end with “this” or “that.” Enjoy!” 

This was it! She’d had more than enough of his bullshit.

Another “true” story of why he didn’t show up last night, why he managed to lose the $500. he was supposed to repay her.

“I tell ya –couldn’t believe  it was stinkin’ little Mikey, but hey he’d joined a biker gang, so he was now Big Bad Mike. Any ways, had to go with a drink, then being bikers . . .  fight . . . jail . . .  bail – $500. And Sweetie, didn’t call, didn’t want to bother/wake ya at 3am.”

No, she just lay awake wondering where the hell he was and who he was with. Which woman’s musky lust would cling to his clothes? Whose body had arched as he took her places she should be going?

She tuned him out, mind filled with images: dragging him behind one of those Harley hogs while he screamed for mercy, or maybe hanging him from the ceiling, taking the biker chains and . . .  – nah, he’d probably like that.

So, there’s my this and there’s my that. And this and that is where my story’s at. Thanks for a good prompt, as usual, Linda.


@ a darkened house (adh) 2016


39 thoughts on “This & that & maybe . . .

    • “Thanks,” she replied, “With a guy like THAT, THIS kind of behaviour can be expected.” “Glad she didn’t give him what he mighta liked to get in the end,” she said with a ;) and a twinkle in her eye.


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