you are the river; I am the sea

A poem influenced by Vagrant Rhodia’s Friday Music Prompt #32: The Riverside, Lyrics by Agnes Obel

I let VR’s excellent photo and the intriguing lyrics wash over me for a while, then I wrote, in response, “you are the river, I am the sea.”

photo by VR

You are the river

I am the sea

You flow toward me

spreading out your arms

I welcome you

pulling you close

til you are lost

in my charms

then, as must,

I recede

giving you ground

so you pull free

and flow as you might

taking any channel

laughing, yelling

tickling, tumbling


dancing with maidens

of the riverside

while I watch from afar

powerless to guide

to pirouette on waves

or absorb you

straining against 

laws of nature which bind me

til moon grants me

your love again

and we met

with joy as

old lovers do


14 thoughts on “you are the river; I am the sea

  1. I thought you covered a lot of things in this poem. Love in its varying forms, up close and personal and from a afar but you came back to what was most important reconnecting as ‘old lovers do’ which I thought was such a beautiful image to end on.

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