sister sally suffragette (Emelia Pankhurst)

MLW’s choice of sanction as Tuesday Use It In A Sentence really made me ponder. I planned to use the prompt word in a sentence to celebrate International Women’s Day. So, this week, the word is in two sentences wrapped by a post to give some context to the word.

I will not sanction this behaviour,” my father bellowed as I stood in front of the oval hall mirror adjusting my hat.

“I forbid you to leave this house. Struthers. Mrs. Daniels.” Father hollered for the butler and housekeeper.

They taught us what to do with physical restraint: go limp.

My bag was weighted down by the lock; MaryBeth would bring the chains so we could secure ourselves to the fence.

I sashayed past the servants, my increasingly red-faced father, and put my hand on the doorknob.

I gave my sash a good tug, so that the slogan faced front and centre.

“No daughter of mine is going to parade around wearing such a ridiculous thing!”

“If you get arrested again, I’ll let you rot in jail.”


“If you go on a hunger strike, I’ll force feed you myself.”


“I’ll disown you.”

“You already have.”

“Write you out of my will.”

“Did that too.”

I left my father, an eminent member of parliament, still sputtering about what he wouldn’t sanction, and the advantageous nature of sons, as I descended the front steps, humming the tune, “The March of the Women.”

* “The March of the Women” composed by Ethel Smyth (1910) with words by Cicely Hamilton became the theme song of the suffrage movement.

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    • “Thanks, Linda. I used enough of them teaching history — even had students write their own, do story boards. Better equipped, we could have filmed them, too.” She laughs, “Now that’s a subversive and scary idea.”


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