trashy view

PHOTO PROMPT - © Emmy L Gant

PHOTO PROMPT – © Emmy L Gant

Friday Fictioneers: March 11, 2016; hosted by Rochelle

Herbert thought it the perfect spot to see, but not be seen. The opaque bag inside the metal contraption disguised, he thought, his handsome physique. No need to distract the ladies, he smuckled.

Thorgood due in 100 milligrams; Herbert did need to scratch a certain urge.

Voices. Subjects to scan, poke, pry. The Z680 so efficient, didn’t need to kidnap anyone. Took some of the fun out.

Herbert next heard a strange beep, beep, like a spaceship backing up then . . .

Thorgood looked at his finger – only a milabar late; yet Herbert had taken off, opaque bag and all.


12 thoughts on “trashy view

    • “Yeah, the story doesn’t totally make sense, you are quite right, ” she agreed.
      The two are aliens doing recon on Earth. Herbert thinks hiding out in the garbage bag is good camouflage, but he doesn’t realize what the bag really is.
      Herbert hears the garbage men and thinks he has subjects to “probe.” Thorgood is due to relieve Herbert, when the garbage folks arrive and empty the garbage container. When Thorgood arrives, he thinks Herbert left because he was late,” she said, hoping she had written an understandable synopsis. “Sometimes, when I’ve been thinking about the story, I forget to make it clear to those who haven’t been thinking about it,” she smiled. “Next time . . . “

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