interactive hologram or sly seductive smile

TLT week six - people at Tate Modern with St. Paul's in the background

photo by Samuel Zeller

I finished my TLT earlier this week. However, I couldn’t decide between the 92 word version or the 15 word version. I am so late with this, I thought maybe I could get away with both.

Thanks to Sonya @ Only A 100 Words for another TLT opportunity


The black and white holographic interactive photograph would be perfect for her wall; the black of photo like a playful dance between camera light and shadow.
And, besides esthetics, it would cover the area of uneven plaster and that slight stain just perfectly; she ordered a double sized portrait of she and Paul on a date early in their relationship.
Whenever Paul’s friends walked by the memorial photograph, they commented on how wonderful it was to see the two of them so obviously in love; her friends didn’t see him in the picture at all.


you & her in b & w
no denying shared space
or slight seductive smile

5 thoughts on “interactive hologram or sly seductive smile

  1. I love ‘interactive hologram’ – especially their respective friends’ reactions. And there’s something slightly unsettling about the 15-word version – I wonder who’s watching them… Great stuff again :)


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