middle of nowhere


Image: http://publicdomainarchive.com/public-domain-images-grey-black-trash-can-empty-parking-lot-white-lines-shadow/

Another intriguing picture prompt for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by Roger Shipp. Thanks Roger!


Jenna wiped the stray tear and strand of hair out of her face. Just enough hell-breath breeze this dawn-light to stir up hair, dust and memories.

Like their first mission together on Epsilon 6 during the civil disobedience, and those hot endlessly starry nights of civilian watch.

That’s when the joke, “but this is the middle of nowhere” started. Jenna lay “moon-tanning,” when a barrage of enemy blazers came tracing in. Each one with a Xenon camera attached.

Only thing of note in the sector at the time was a very embarrassed Jenna and a “gleeping” Herbert.

After that, reassignments were greeted with “but . . . nowhere”

Sixty-five missions as a team. Boring or routine described some; others left images burned onto her retinas. And now . . .

No way was she going to let them do a recycle job on Herbert. Euphemism for “crush to hush.” He deserved better.

So, a weekend was spent in her workshop. Herbert “giggled,” saying she was tickling him.

Fighting back tears, she settled the re-outfitted Herbert in the far end of the shopping mall parking lot. Herbert happily gleeped: “But, Jenna, I’m in the middle of nowhere. . . . ..”

word count: 200


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