TLT Redux: Apology

© Sonya 2008


The character in my TLT is described as “directionally dyslexic.” A pun is made and further played upon.

After posting and rereading, I realized it could be viewed as making light of dyslexia, or dyslexics.

No disrespect was intended; I deal with several dyslexias myself, so the “she” is really me.

Three Line Tales from Sonya @ Only 100 Words


3 thoughts on “TLT Redux: Apology

    • “Thank you,” she said. “Most of my dyslexia wasn’t discovered until I was out in the working world. I just didn’t want to make folks feel uncomfortable if dyslexia was an issue for them.” “Thanks for reaffirming that my intentions were not making fun of anyone,” she added with a grateful smile.

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