#tuesdayuseitinasentence: HMS Sky Sailor*


Lose count number of days from port. Number of times vomiting over deck railings.

But, never forget number of becalmed nights, stretched out on deck, watching sister moon waft her way across starried-sea sky.

Remembering infinite number of stars in black-velvet-sky; sequin-laden sea.

Tuesday use it in a sentence: waft

*Image: photography by Tomasz; story: HMS Sky Sailor for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Photo Challenge #107

13 thoughts on “#tuesdayuseitinasentence: HMS Sky Sailor*

  1. A beautiful, poetic and dreamy participation. I find myself wishing I was there (and I tend to be sea sick :-P ) . The image from MLMM is stunning and the words you associated with it are as well. Thank you :-)


  2. wildchild47 says:

    watching sister moon waft her way across starried-sea sky.

    sequin-laden sea.

    The entire piece has this dream-like quality to it – really lovely, despite the wretching ;)

    and the lines I’ve pulled out – I really love them – so appropriate and atmospheric.

    Great write adh :)


    • Thanks. I wasn’t sure moons wafted by I saw the lovely MLMM photo challenge image about two minutes before the Tuesday use it in a sentence word waft.
      My paternal family had, for at least 400+ years, deep and twisted ties to the sea in one form or another. One of the things that endeared me to my great-uncle was, that no matter how rough the seas if we went as far out as the Ironbounds in his putt-putt fishing boat, I never once lost it over the side. In fact, I’m more sea-sick on land than on the water. That, I and could do damn good job filleting a fish — try to find a bone in my work when I was 10! lol

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      • wildchild47 says:

        Well, then, there’s a skill worthy of note. I see a fish out of water and I get squirmy. Couldn’t possible gut a fish …. ick. ;)

        So the sea runs in your blood like the gills that are carefully hidden behind your ears? Well then, I’ll be sure to call on the captain when I’m lost and floundering ;)

        *snorting – sorry, strange mood* but great post and thanks for sharing some of your family’s history – totally fascinating. :)


        • Don’t use the word, floundering, lol — it’s in the genes, I either think we are stuck on a reef, rock, roof, or worse, or it’s time to go illicit fishing — pass me the hand land, hooks and the bait bucket. (Sorry — hope the last part was read at an appropriate time of the day).
          And the gills, darn — just can’t wear t-necks or anything tight around my neck (gills and hanging (the hanging not purely a paternal family thing). So the peep out of every phone/drawing, ;[

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          • wildchild47 says:

            roflmao …. nope, I wasn’t sick to the gills when I was reading your comments …. it’s part of life ….. it’s just I wouldn’t be too good at the cleaning and all that, at least not in this life time. Not that blood and guts really bothers me …. it’s just something about the fish. And I enjoy a good piece of fish – honestly, but there is something — it’s the scales actually. The scales.

            I’d have an awful time trying to find my sea legs now …. but hey, I’m more than happy to play pirates ;)


    • So far behind in visiting. Hope all is well, and I will try.
      I’m glad you liked my imagery. I don’t have a bucket list (or whatever it was before the movie, etc), but I’ve always loved experienced a darkness light by the cosmos. Happened a few times. I’ve written (or okay honestly) mind written stories of seeing my parts of the world without light pollution.


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