the armoire: #tuesdayuseitinasentence & Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge: 108

Since my mind moves in slow, strange ways, I combined #tuesdayuseitinasentence (such a wonderfully fun exercise) and another of the eerie, mysterious MLMM photo challenges. So, two challenges = two sentences. And thus, little more thought. My mind has become rather xeric itself.

Between the caresses and the kiss, I felt your ribcage fill with sand, thus burying your xeric heart.

Still room left in the armoire, so I hang you up to dry.

- Albert Finch

image: Albert Finch


14 thoughts on “the armoire: #tuesdayuseitinasentence & Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge: 108

  1. Oh, I like this. What a beuatiful and apt use of the word – and a lovely pic too. Clever you for combining the two and producing such a perfect result. Lovely, dark write :)


    • She laughed. “I read Michael’s very sumptuous, visceral and sensual armoire story first whilst flittering around the cyberverse this morn.” “Ahem,” clearing her throat. “and discovered that xeric was the use in a sentence word, I must admit to a full chuckle juxtaposing Michael’s steamy, dreamy story with dried out and dead.”
      At 3:05 am, my humour can go various ways.” She did a quick sly smile, “And thus it went this morning.” And, as an aside, “I must admit to preferring the outcome of Michael’s photo challenge story better than mine.” Slight blush as she went to respond to Michael’s comment,

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      • wildchild47 says:

        well that’s the wonder of the circling of inspiration …. a wonderful compliment to him, and indeed to your decision to follow a spark (see, fire fire!) …. regardless of the hour …. and to say, well, yes …. let’s just enjoy. As for his version, LOL …. always the romantic and hopeful one …. and so we appreciate his style ;)


        • “Response eaten!,” she cursed her laptop. “Michael must have sensed I was going to say something nice about him!” She laughed and thought, trying to remember what she had said.
          “I’ve been a jaded cynic since I was five; it’s nice to meet the occasional hopeful romantic type. I tell him I do want what he writes to be his current truth or the soon to be situation when it comes to love and romance.” “Yes,” she admitted, “Even jaded cynics can have a slight romantic streak.” She put her finger to her lips, “But don’t let him know I said that.” ;)

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          • wildchild47 says:

            LOL@your comment, but in a good way ;)

            jaded cynicism …. I understand that all too well …. but I won’t let in on your secret (romantic streak) …. I understand that too ;)

            As for wishing Michael great happiness, of course … absolutely. Romance and love? Add that to the mix too. :)

            But then, it’s something I would wish for anyone who really needs truthful love, compassion and understanding.


  2. “Well,” he said looking up xeric, “A dry heart is a useless heart, no love there, best move on to another subject.”
    “But I did like the way you used the image in such a way.” he said in admiration….

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    • “If you read my response to Wild Child, you can see the influence you had over my writing. Your hearts were definitely alive, beating and being as one. Xeric is, as you say, dead, dried out.” She smiled, “I juxtaposed the living with the dried out; if the use it word had been coffee, well . . . .”
      She blushed before she typed, “thank you for “he said in admiration”. . . .; perhaps the next heart will be more alive.”


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