chapter and verse


Three line tales week 11 photo prompt: piano

photo by Jesse Orrico

At the bottom of the stairs, she set her travel bag down, smoothed her dress, adjusted her hat, and slowly, ritually, walked into the parlour.

Climbing up on the piano bench, she placed 3 items on the music shelf: stained bible open to suitable chapter and verse; note written on forbidden fancy stationary, and her pen – cap off to dry out ink.

She turned her back on the curtained-induced dark, the muted-shades, picked up her bag, and strode towards the strip of blazing coloured floor caused by sun on stained glass window above the door.

Thanks, Sonya, for another intriguing image for week eleven of three line tales!

10 thoughts on “chapter and verse

  1. wildchild47 says:

    Fascinating story here – fits the image so well – and yet, it has this very haunting aftertaste …. which in this case, is rather delightful.

    The precision of your sentences is awesome. It really accentuates and punctuates the feeling of determination and strong will. Great job :)


    • “Thank you,” she smiled. “I was thinking the MLMM departure, and the image gave me a sense of leaving.”
      “I’d love to read what you would do with the three line challenge. No word limit. Just 3 sentences. It’s a different way for me to look at writing,” she said.

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      • wildchild47 says:

        I do believe I’ve bookmarked that link from your post – I’ll have to double check.

        Actually, challenges like 3 sentences and there was, perhaps still runs, was a 5 sentence challenge too, can be really cool tools in thinking and re-thinking how we, as writers structure sentences and stories. I’ve found them to be fun and interesting ways to shake things up in good ways. :) So as long as you’re enjoying it – then it’s a really good way to play ;)


  2. She is putting her present life aside and moving forward…for whatever reason, but it seems to me she has been unhappy and makes a statement with the bible verse, note on fancy paper and letting the ink dry up. I wish her well! 😐


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