oh no no.



Scatter shot for SoCS: No. (Saturday April 16, 2106)

The last thing a numeric dyslexic such a myself should attempt is a post involving nos. No, I should not participate – I versere my numebrs meaning your phone number ending 6678 could be 5768 or …

So, instead, I shall ponder nos. in general.

Why is seven lucky, and 13 is not? Know why 3 on a match is considered bad luck, but why do things happen in threes? Or why one partridge, one pear tree, and 10 lords a leaping? Then there’s “knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipes, and the answer is no.”

Why count up or down to five or 10? Why a two minute warning in sports? Why things should be in pairs? (not pears). Why are certain bodily functions assigned nos.?

Why three bears (and one Goldilocks)? Why three little piggies (and one Wolf)? There were only two brothers Grimm.

Some pondering, of course, just is: no. of days in a week, weeks in a month and so on. Or that, unless you are into chaos or string theory, 1+1 = 2 (or does it?).

Binary/computer code is all 0 and 1s – a mathematical/numerical dyslexic computer could, well, . . .

Word count is getting high either 261 words or 216 words or . . . .

Not a bad SoCS for a numerically dyslexic person who has their own multiplication, division, addition and subtract methods and can still get the right no., now to write the no. down outwith the esrevering.

4 thoughts on “oh no no.

  1. One thing I learned when I did bookkeeping was, if you found a mistake and the difference between what you got, and what you should have got, is divisible by 9, then you transposed the numbers somewhere in your equation.
    i.e. 54-45 = 9
    63-36 = 27
    42-24 = 18
    Cool, eh?


  2. Well! he said pondering the world of nos and thinking he is glad that since school no one has asked him to do anything much more than simple maths, ” You have done well for the numerically challenged and I learned something new. So it was all worth while.”


  3. wildchild47 says:

    LOL this is a brilliant SoCs …. not that the dsylexia is amusing … but the exploration of all those pesky questions and no(s). #s . :)


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