the mustard flower

adult content/sorta erotica: be warned.

Murad Osmann

Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World photo essay/project fascinates me – so thanks NEKNEERAJ for using it as this week’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge #109

Her hand was soft, suggestive, caressing his palm as if a fortune teller.

Her auburn hair was down and loose, tossed over her shoulder, revealing her oh so kissable back but a few steps away.

She was searching out the perfect spot for lovemaking in the mustard flower meadow.

Aroused by memories of other erotic afternoons. Hardened by thoughts of her infinite ability to bring and sustain pleasures.

With a laugh, she let go his hand, causally falling back into the mustard, arranged herself and lacen dress so her sweet spots were accessible: skirt hem draped over her spread knees, bodice unbuttoned and breasts awaiting his attention.

As he wrestled with his clothes, a strange thought floated through the desire: should they pass, face to face, on Main Street, would he know her? Would he recognize her?

She touched herself provocatively, and his thought was gone.


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