Signing of the Times


Locally known as Larry the Luddite, I am the navigator for these annual trips. No GPS – some still have you turn south onto north bound lanes. No smart phones, I didn’t want directions from Google Earth to Middle Earth.

I turned to face my son, Trevor, in the back seat who’d been tapping me on the shoulder.

“Yes, I’m sure she’s the girl in that back seat signing us before. I suppose you want your mom to speed up to her parent’s car so you can talk some more?”I signed him. Typical teenager, typical wife; neither one had to even think about. I checked my seat belt.

Trevor and the girl he fancied were travelling back from the Conference in the SAME car. For the sake of my nerves, not for the state of their romance.



18 thoughts on “Signing of the Times

  1. wildchild47 says:

    I didn’t want directions from Google Earth to Middle Earth.

    LOL – what a brilliant line – and sentiment! totally awesome this – and really sets the tone firm. But I have to say, I agree with Michael – there is a bit of confusion as to the situation and placement of the people here. But the “take” as in using “signing” is really wonderful.


    • I replied earlier but didn’t show up.
      My confusing story, not you asleep.
      What I didn’t explain well was notion on road trip to gathering. So his wife wouldn’t have to speed to keep close enough to the car the young lady is in, the husband is thinking that they will put his son and the girl in the same car on the way back so they can sigh without speeding.
      So, don’t feel confused! I’m causing the confusion. Thanks for reading.

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      • reply disappeared again — off to look for it. And it should they can SIGN
        Idea being rather than keep the two cars close enough for the boy and girl to sign to each other, they sit in the same car later, on the way home from a teen deaf conference, so the signing can be done without speeding cars. Still stupid idea I know!

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        • wildchild47 says:

          No – it’s not a stupid idea – it’s the notion got a little lost in the shuffling of the words – but the idea of the signing is clear. It’s just the placement of people as you’ve written it is a little off – but it could be easily “fixed” with a quick edit, if you wanted to.


              • That’s me, really trying to let go. Feeling tired and lacking luster. And, to allow editing to go unedited — sign of my deranged mind, and trying to, I don’t know, let go? of the part of me that hates sloppiness and such in my own writing. Don’t know if this is a good sign (change) or a bad sign(mental health). I sweat everything at times. ;)

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                • wildchild47 says:

                  Well sometimes, as we transition through such difficult times, it’s okay to not “be bothered” …. to let it go, because ultimately, it’s about recognizing that sometimes, it’s not always about going to be about the “perfection.” Hell, I’ve read “high end bloggers” where they post stuff, and because of the intensity and stuff, the work isn’t always properly edited, but it stands. So, you know, it’s okay.


the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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