primary colours: a tale & a tilus/tired–bipolar quote of the day

source: fireworks wallpapers

Dyslexic primary colours in tale weaving territory: tale weaver 64; school yard games

As a child, I dined on the primary colours

read them like words carefully scripted on

the page of an illuminated manuscript

formulated, calculated, indoctrinated

in my dyslexically-designed world green is not secondary

and I read Coca-Cola signs by font and colour


colour-burst fireworks*

green yellow



* tilus: a non-rhyming 3 line stanza 6/3/1. See Sable Island Tilus


I’m tired; I’m bipolar quote

source: depressed and bipolar


7 thoughts on “primary colours: a tale & a tilus/tired–bipolar quote of the day

    • “If you are relating to your sense ‘stuckedness,’ I hope you get unstuck — maybe someone’s hand is waiting to pull you out,” she replied. “Or perhaps a friend was is stuck — I wish them speedily out of the stuck.”
      “If you’re referring to how stuck I always am, pretty tiring to read about that all the time for sure,” she added.

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  1. wildchild47 says:

    thanks for playing along with the TW prompt adh :)

    I really love how you’ve interpreted the prompt – your piece is straightforward, yet it is so subtly complex and dances as if made up of beads of light!

    You never cease to amaze me with how you can express and convey feelings, ambiance, essences … with such carefully phrased lines, word combinations.

    The opening line? It sets a tone, commanding and demanding respect in understanding, and then the tale flows into such a melodic and almost hypnotic stream, I find it stunning.

    This is really a piece that brokers multiple readings – there is so much dimension here.

    And it’s a great and pointed commentary that walks with mental health awareness month and your continued explorations of different issues.

    well done :)


    • “Somewhere,” she fussed, “there is a splendidly composed (of course, since it disappeared) response.” She shrugged, “I pondered the different ways worlds are viewed — mine with the range of colours, and an acquaintances’ who is colour blind.” She sighed, “Disappeared, like a happy heart.”

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      • wildchild47 says:

        I hate it when that happens … but that’s okay too …. perhaps it will be found, and if not, at least it had its own moment, however brief.

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