chaos genie


source: (Friedrich Nietzsche)

May is mental health [awareness] month. There are times I live in chaos, my mind unsettled and unsure. Like the flash fiction below, all is jangly and tumbled. Race thoughts race. Commonsensical nonsensical monosensical. Losing/lacking control over emotions and actions. Thus chaos is the theme for this jumble of prompts:

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordles 107 & 108; Sunday Photo Fiction image prompt (May 8); The Daily Post Daily Prompt: chaos (May 9)

155 05 May 8th 2015

 Sunday Photo Fiction

The chaos genie leaves her rubatosis box in my back garden. She laughs, knowing the sidereal crease in the cosmos such a placement creates. When the Milk Moon bleeds amethyst, wearing her most ephemeral of gowns, she descends for the duration of a day and night. She fills her yellow crystalline flask with children’s tears, madmen’s fury, bitterness, regret, sorrow. A world’s worth of disappointments, drawbacks, and failures. Brims it with vitriol and acid. Her smile is crooked and cryptic to all except me. I understand her actions. How her chaos and my order will collide.  Where she will entice me, lead me.  The chaos genie has but one wish; to anoint me daily from her flask. I tatter on the edges of the jagged black hole, held captive by kuebiko and neurasthenia.

MLMM Wordle 107 words used: entice; cryptic; collision; lead; edge; hole; kuebiko (n . . . propping yourself up like an old scarecrow, who’s bursting at the seams but powerless to do anything but stand there and watch); yellow; crooked; vitriol (venom, hatefulness); Wordle 108 words used: genie; wear; flask; bleed; amethyst; crease; sidereal (determined by or from the stars, relating to the stars); duration; rubatosis (n . . . . nervous ditty your heart is tapping to itself, the kind that people compulsively hum or sing while walking in complete darkness. . . ); drawback; furious; wish


4 thoughts on “chaos genie

  1. Incredible. You have created a piece of poetry that is magnificent and the insight into the chaotic workings of a mind effected by neurasthenia. I looked it up, and kuebiko to see what they were.

    I really love this. Well done.


    • wildchild47 says:

      Well I say what I mean and I mean what I say – and this is one totally brilliant piece :D I have it in my “inspired posts folder” …. for when I need some excellent reading material.


  2. wildchild47 says:

    Holy holy smokes! For a chaotic mind, I have to say, this is such a brilliantly written piece – with such beauty in language choices – I’m like “wow – blown away!”

    Of course, I know that you are gifted, no matter how you are feeling, and that your talents aren’t simply a by-product of your illnesses – but damn it woman – you have the soul of a poet.

    That one paragraph? Seriously? Gorgeous. Beyond – emphasis heightened – Beyond Genius!

    You, my friend, are a beautiful person and a gorgeous soul :D


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