dark-side of the moon

May is mental health month. Most of my life has been negatively impacted by my mental health issues. So, what posts I do write this month (off deadline as stress is too fine a trigger) focus on mental health. I’m in a crisis stage, so whimsy, hope, or dreams won’t  appear often right now.

three line tales, week 14

Reaching across the table to take my hands in his, Michael said, “It’s all dark with her now; shadows; tears; staring into nothingness.” I looked into his pleading eyes, “No Michael, you choose what you thought would always be light.” True friendship exists on the shaded and the brightened sides of a dune; neither one blinds or binds.

three line tales from last week: sand dunes; Tuesday Use It in a Sentence: friendship

I’m always in awe those poets/writers who finish the various month-long daily challenges. They emerge with a sense of pride and accomplishment. They have projects to fine tune. Met new friends and colleagues. Become part of and involved in new communities. And a talent strengthened by daily creativity and the encouragement of other participants. So, congratulations to the A to Z, the PAD, and to those involved in the on-going May daily challenges, all the best. You are all so inspiring.

One thought on “dark-side of the moon

the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things . . .

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