paint me a map

May is mental health awareness month. People are encourage to share their story. To say what mental illness feels like.

I’m in a relapse, a crisis, so I’m drawn to bleakness.

Mental health issues can be healed, people find support networks, others who understand, others who care.

I tired to make day’s post of mental health flash fiction with a sense of hope and healing. There is hope and there is healing for those with mental health issues

S. Writings incredible image for: FFfAW (week of may 10)

She traced the bedazzling images of his car on her ipad with her fingers. Thought how each detailed inch was his life, his creative spirit. How his aliveness was electric through the wifi.

Accompanied by his travelling guitar, he sang a journey song for her. “There and [half-way] Back Again” She bowed a thank you to the screen.

“Remember our promise. When I get back to the eastern shores, the other half will have been painted.”

“Maybe you will start to heal, and our trip can happen.” She nodded.

“You’re such a bad navigator, I’m painting the route on the car!”

Her half-smile.

“Be strong,” they both whispered across the thousands of miles. “Think of me, stars, moon.” What they said every night.


7 thoughts on “paint me a map

  1. wildchild47 says:

    There is a hopeful note to this story – definitely inspired by the wonderful image – and I like the idea that even though these 2 people are apart – the car – and its own mapping is in creation as it transits. Totally cool idea :) Great write btw


    • “I wanted to show how people can remain true to each other even if one is battling demons, and the other is on an adventure, willing to wait til they can travel together the roads he saw for her, alone.” “Glad you enjoyed it,” she added.

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  2. Love the The Hobbit reference that you sneaked in there! ;)

    If I could just make a comment about the sizing of the letters, the words are a tad small and kinda hard to read.


  3. What a lovely story! Their love for each other really shines through your words. And, I love how they tell each other, every night, “Think of me, stars and moon.” I hope you are feeling better. I know how depression and other mental illnesses can pull us out of shape and I hope for pure healing for you. Healing is absolutely possible. I have a testament.


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